Data points

Data Points Installation and Electric Supplies

Finely manufactured data points set your home apart.
While you might spend several days deciding on the perfect wall colour or furniture for your new home, you will hardly remember that data points play an integral part of your interior décor too. Low quality and poor designs of data points can spoil the look of a newly renovated home.
CDI Electric offers the details which you forget. Superior quality data point electricals are our priority and passion. We sell and install data points and phone points for home, school, business, commercial and many others clients. CDI Electric has gained a reputation for their excellence and are one the best electric suppliers in Western Australia.
Our fully qualified, rigorously trained and skilled team of technicians are ever ready to help you with your data points and data cabling needs.
We offer data points for all kinds of equipment and needs like, but not limited to:

  • Data points for computer equipment
  • Data points for Audio Visual Equipment
  • Data points for home theatre equipment
  • Data point for smart home wiring
  • Data points for retail shops
  • Data points for security system installation

Contact us to discuss your requirement and we will offer the best data points available.

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