Solar Panel Installation Perth by CDI Electrics

When it comes to solar panel installation Perth, CDI Electrics is your go to team. With over 7 years experience in solar panel installation, repairs and maintenance there is no solar job we can’t handle.

CDI Electrics is a reputable installer and retailer with other solar companies using our services to install their systems.

From new solar panel installations Perth to solar inverter replacements and solar panel repairs including domestic solar, commercial solar and industrial solar solutions.

  • What we offer

Design and installation of residential, commercial and rural solar systems.

Repairs upgrades and maintenance.

Energy monitoring solutions.

Performace and health checks of your existing system.

How much can I save with solar on my home?

This will vary for home to home depending on your energy consumption. On the higher end of the scale some people do save as much as $150 per month or $1,800 per year. In some cases on larger homes or even rural properties such as farms some of our clients are saving an average of $380 per month or $4,500 per year.

How much electricity will I generate?

With CDI Electrics current solar panel installation offers you could produce as much as 42kwh per day.

*This is based off a 5kw system with 20 x 327w Sunpower solar panels and 5kw fronius inverter during the summer period.

Can I sell electricity back to the grid?

Yes, in most cases you can. This will depend on your electricity provider and whether you are a residential or commercial customer.

How much money can I make from selling electricity back to the grid?

This will be dependant on your current Feed in Tariff (FiT) which will vary from retailer to retailer.

In Perth Synergy currently offers 7.135cents per kwh as at September 2016.

Ideally for the best return on investment from your solar system you want to consume the solar electricity you make as this saves you 24cents per kwh.

What type of inverters do CDI Electrics use?

CDI Electrics uses all reputable solar inverter brands including but not limited to, Fronius, Solar Edge and SMA. All inverter brands supplied by CDI Electrics are on the Clean Energy Council approved inverter list.

What type of Solar Panels do CDI Electrics use?

CDI Electrics uses various reputable brands such as,Sunpower, LG, Jinko, and Canadian Solar. The Solar Panel brands we use are all on the Clean Energy Council approved solar panel list.

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