Mine Site Solar

CDI Energy can assist any mine to go green. Through Consultation, Design and Implementation we can reduce a mine sites heavy reliance on fossil fuels. Renewable energy can instantly reduce any mines operating expenses over night through a PPA or Solar Lease model.

On average through a PPA or Solar Lease deal CDI can provide energy at 20% less than traditional diesel sources.

How do we do it?

With our patented technology the Rapid Solar Module we can rapidly deploy a solar farm and integrate it in to the existing electrical infrastructure to offset the traditional fuel requirement, This is known as a Hybrid system.

How does a hybrid system work?

A solar Hybrid System can offset as much as 80% of the day times diesel consumption by injecting clean energy in to the network meaning the diesel generator does not have to produce as much power therefore saving on diesel.

To further offset fossil fuel reliance we can supply and install batteries to assist through the periods where there is no sun light. See some of our battery projects here.Battery Solutions