Rapid Solar Module

The Rapid Solar Module RSM3

The RSM3 is the newest smartest and fastest way to install ground mounted PV. The Rapid Solar Module started its life as a solar solution for remote areas. What we ended with was 3 x better.

The RSM3 is 1/3rd the cost, requires 1/3rd the install time and requires 1/3rd less land area.

The RSM3 Is the ground mount PV racking of the future.

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Advantages of the RSM3 include:

• Low Cost
• Rapid Install
• Requires 1/3rd the land in comparison to traditional Ground mount fixed axis PV
• Easy Install
• Relocatable
• East West Orientation for higher morning and afternoon energy yield
• One of the highest W/Pm2 systems available.
• Cs Per Watt Not $s
• Easily Expandable
• Cyclonic Rated
• Low Maintenance
• Patented Design
• Ability to be fabricated on site
• Safe Installation
• Rapid ROI