Billabong Service Station

Project Description

CDI was engaged directly by Turquoise Holdings to provide a solution to reduce their annual diesel costs using renewables. After monitoring the clients load profile over a number of months, we determined that a 100KW ground mount system coupled with 100KW of storage would be the best solution to substantially reduce their annual diesel cost.

The system is comprised of 6 x Selectronic SPMC482s to provide the ability of giving a continuous 15KW per phase. The Selectronic inverters are coupled with 48 x Pylontech US2000 rack mount batteries along with 4 x 20KW Selectsun PC inverters and 316 JA 315 PC modules mounted on clenergy solar terrace and surefoot.

Billabong is located approximately 250km north of Geraldton, along the coral coast. CDI completed the entire project from start to finish inclusive of site works such as clearing of land and back filling to provide an unobstructed area around the PV to ensure optimal performance.

  • Value : $380k
  • Client : Turquoise Holdings
  • Power : 100KW
  • Completed : July, 2018